How do you console a dog who has been attacked by another dog?

animal communication Jan 27, 2023

How do you console a dog who has been attacked by another dog?


Imagine going for a walk in your neighborhood with your large dog, on a leash, and she is suddenly attacked by 2 unleashed dogs. 

This happened to a client a few weeks ago.  Both human and dog are still triggered by this very scary incident.  

The client, “C” was rushed to the vet for a laceration on her foreleg. The emotional wounds are still there though.  She is a rescue and is super sensitive.  This incident has her on edge in her own neighborhood and her nearby park. 

It was described to me that the attack dogs were followed by a woman with no leash.  She was able to contain the dogs via their harnesses once she got a hold of them.  The wound on C was not noticeable until they got home.  The police were notified about this incident so hopefully, it no longer continues.

Who walks 2 large dogs in a city with no leash???  It’s against the law where I live.

Unfortunately, the emotional toll it has taken is still very present for C and her humans.  They asked me for help.

During our phone consultation, I immediately directed healing energy to her to help her rebalance her closed Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras.  It was only then that I felt she wanted to talk, otherwise, she was very guarded and scared.

I told her I could empathize with her feeling scared and hurt.  She complained of some pain in the back which I mentioned to her human.  She said the bite wound was not bothering her, which was a relief.

But it was the emotions that were overwhelming to her at this point.  I listened to her as she told me how scared and angry she was with the incident.  It was an unprovoked attack she explained, as they were a good 20 yards away from her and charged her and her human.  I consoled her, listening to her story and her anger about this incident.  She feels bad that she couldn’t protect her human…he was knocked to the ground with no serious injuries.

C and I talked about how to be more proactive now that there is trouble in the ‘hood. She is on guard and edgy because of this, which I entirely understand.  I asked her if she could stay calm and focused as we spoke because she was getting a bit agitated.

Dog Walks are a problem now.

She lives in a city environment so for her to get any exercise they do walks.  She is now lurking, carrying her head low on walks and always looking for an escape route.  C’s human is feeling anxiety from C.  It seems they were feeling one another’s fear.

When I mentioned this to C’s human, she agreed. She decided to take a few intentional measures to help her avoid feeling anxious feelings from C.  The awareness of feeling C’s anxiousness is the first step to remedying this situation.

We talked about other measures to help like deep belly breathing vs shallow chest breathing.  We provide more oxygen to our bodies when we breathe from the belly.

Another remedy to help C on the walks is creating a safe barrier around her.  What is that?  Well, I refer to it as an energy bubble.  C’s human was definitely on board with this.  It’s an energy boundary that goes around both the human and C in order to keep them safe.  C told me she felt safer and more balanced emotionally when we created some practice energy bubbles during our time together. ❤️

You create it with your intention and visualizations. It can be translucent or filled will colors. 

This boundary acts as a clear wall to keep outsiders out.

Try it – (steps below)


  1.   Imagine a giant translucent bubble around you
  2.  You can fill it using your imagination with colors, geometric shapes, crystals, etc. Those things can move around within it as though they are floating thru air
  3.  It moves when you move, keeping you safely within it
  4.  You can extend it out to also include your beloved animal
  5.  Create a new one each day to help you and others to honor your boundaries


Maybe you’ve felt an energy bubble sometime in your life, for example, when you go to give someone a hug, and that someone doesn’t really want a hug.   You feel tension or a barrier if you continue to move closer to them.  You are most likely feeling the energy around them saying, “no, please don’t.”

Or when someone doesn’t want to talk with you…you’ll notice little eye contact but also a vibe of don’t talk with me right now.  That’s an energy boundary. 

These energy boundaries help us to honor our own boundaries and keep us safe in this world. 

Will this boundary be 100% effective in keeping violent dogs out? 

I don’t know many things that are guaranteed to work 100% of the time.  But from personal experience, I have felt the energy bubble helps me and my loved ones and that’s why I suggest it to people and animals.  

I know it will certainly provide a buffer so that if C ever encounters aggressive dogs again, she will be more aware of a pending attack. 

It’s unfortunate that this incident happened to C and all the other innocent dogs out there who get attacked.  

You never know when you may need help, support, or shielding.  Perhaps you can try the energy bubble approach so you too can find confidence in your walks. 




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