Dating advise from your animals?

Oct 26, 2021



One day a few years ago, I was approached by the barn manager as I was walking into the barn to visit Howie.  She told me that he had ripped off his stall scratcher, right off the stall wall.  This was very odd behavior.  Usually, Howie takes good care of his stall and his feed and water buckets.  He likes things clean.  For him to rip this scratcher off the wall – it must have been something to really aggravate him.  This wall scratcher had been screwed on with about 20 screws so it was no easy feat to get this off the wall.


(Image of a stall scratcher)

Of course, I immediately asked him what happened.

He told me he was mad.  I asked him what he was mad about, and he told me he was not happy that I was upset.  I asked him, "What do you mean?"

He said. "I know you had a fight last night."  I thought for a moment and then remembered that I had a disagreement over the phone, while at home, with a man I was dating at the time.  I was upset the night before and Howie must have felt that from me, even though I was 30 minutes away from Howie.   


Our animals have this amazing ability to sense and know what is going on in our lives.  I see it unfolding so frequently in my animal communication sessions. 


You see this man, that I was seeing, is the one who put the stall scratcher up in Howie’s stall for me.  Howie told me telepathically to get rid of the guy.  Just as he had removed the stall scratcher that was installed by this man, I should remove this guy from my life.  I also noticed that Howie NEVER used the stall scratcher.  When I would ask him to use it, he refused, grumbling about who put it up.

Howie had a point....there were issues arising with this man and myself.  We had different viewpoints on several topics and he simply wasn't showing up in my life.  We were drifting apart. 


I eventually did end the relationship with the man.  I’ve learned to pay attention to signs and when I was ready, I made those changes.  There were many signs that kept popping up but the first sign was Howie’s tearing off the stall scratcher and pushing it out of his stall.  I absolutely love this horse!


Animals are our greatest teachers. 


Our animals can be protective of us and sometimes provide us with valuable insights about our relationships. 

Do you know how much your animals care for you? 

Do you want their opinions about how you can improve your life?    


If you are curious about what your animals have to say to you, let’s talk to them!  I’d love to tell you what they have to share to help you in your life.  Learn more about animal communication here.


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