Is there a heaven for animals?

animal communication enlightenment shamanism/healing Feb 04, 2022

Is there a heaven for animals?


I am often asked this question, especially when someone’s beloved animal has recently passed or is near the point of transition.  I’ve been asked this question most recently, by concerned friends, when they ask about my dear Heart horse Howie who not long ago transitioned.

In this article, I will explain my experiences on this tender subject to help you to better understand what happens next for our sweet, loving animal friends.  As an animal communicator and shaman, I help souls to transition into the Spirit world.  It is a beautiful experience that gently releases the soul from the physical constraints of a physical body.   As I’m sure you can imagine, there is a lot of white light involved.  

This is Part I of explaining death and the afterlife.  Be sure to check out the article all about Reincarnation, next week.


Let me explain the concept of White Light…


We have something innately ingrained in our memories, that guides and/or reminds us to “go to the light.”  But do you know what that light truly is?  And why must we go there?

This White Light, as I perceive it is home.  It is the place and/or being from which we originally came from.  Some common terms that reference the light are The Universe, God, Allah, El, Great One, etc. 


It is my experience that all living things eventually return to the White Light when their experience is complete.  This includes humans, animals, plants, sea creatures, comets, aliens, planets, galaxies, etc. All things must return “home.” 


What happens if someone gets lost or avoids the White Light?


In this case, their energy becomes what is commonly referred to as a ghost.  They can still see and sort of feel the world around them but they don’t have a body.  They are often confused souls…not realizing they no longer have a body.  This is where shamanism can really be beneficial.  As a shaman, I help these lost souls to find their way to the light.  Whether these “ghosts” are hiding in a house or in a human, I sense them and heal their wounded soul, so that they can better find the light.  I then escort them to “the light.”


Can animals be ghosts?


Yes, they most certainly can.  I’m sure you’ve heard of stories of animal ghosts hiding in barns, old houses, hotels, etc.  Here’s the best way to describe this, any soul, along the way to finding the light, can get lost.  It is we “lightworkers” that help them to find their way to “the light.”


Is there a heaven for animals?


Yes, as I mentioned above…ALL living things eventually return to the light. 

Do I believe “the light” is heaven? 

I do.


Do I believe there are separate areas for different species of this heaven? 


No.  When I visit the Spirit world, I have witnessed loving souls of a family, who come to them and welcome their animal into their arms.  I’ve also witnessed deceased pets, welcoming their humans into the light.  


It’s like we are all one big happy family…we all return to the light.


What is the Rainbow Bridge?


This is a term, commonly used to lovingly describe someone’s perception of what it is like for an animal to transition to the light.


Do I see a Rainbow Bridge in the Spirit world?


There are many rainbows and prisms in the Spirit world.  Is there one just for animals?  No.  There are many rainbows and not one is designated for any particular species.  All souls who have transitioned, come together.  So, your childhood pet will be with you while you are in “the light.”

More next week – Part Two – Reincarnation Explained – Yes, you can and so can your animals.

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