A Golden with a Past

animal communication shamanism/healing Mar 18, 2022

Oliver's mom asked me, “Why is my dog so attached to my mom?” and a few other questions that are typically asked during an animal communication session. What I discovered is really a beautiful connection that I want to share with you today.


You see Oliver is a large golden retriever who has a family of 2 adults and three college-aged children. Oliver loves his family very much and was very expressive and playful with all of the family members. He is such a happy soul!  He brings light and joy to a stressful home.  But the grandmother was someone he always had his eye on. He always followed her around. Whenever she would visit his focus was on her and only her.


So my client wanted to know why this was happening. She also wanted to know some things about his health condition and the spiritual connection between she and Oliver.


As it turns out when I talk to Oliver, I had visions flash before my eyes of he and the grandmother together in other lifetimes. I saw images of them as human siblings.  I also saw them in scenarios where they were friends, playing outdoors. It seemed as though there was a lot of love between the two of them.  It was very touching and heartwarming to witness these images.


I see this happen a lot during my animal communication readings. As I get to talking with an animal, sometimes they mention a strong soul connection with a certain family member or sometimes I just sense it. Being a very curious person, I dive into that imagery or message to find out more.  I feel there must be a reason for the imagery to show up when it does.


How does this information help us in the present moment?


I believe there are several ways it can help us.


  • It reminds us that we're not alone. We have other souls that come to Earth to help us and guide us along our journey.  We in turn, also help them. 


  • It shows us that love is never ending, that souls will return to one another, from lifetime to lifetime, to help, support, and guide us on our life’s journey.


I find it comforting to know that the animals in our lives are there for us not just physically but spiritually. They see us through so many ups and downs in our lives.  It’s not all good stuff though, at times they can frustrate us with some of the lessons that they're trying to teach us in their ever so funny ways by acting out or having strange idiosyncrasies.


I feel animals mirror us. They reflect to us what we are showing the world about who we are and I think that's a wonderful gift.


So when Oliver's family and grandmother learned of this information they told me that it warmed their hearts. They said, “Oh that makes sense. There's been a level of comfort and familiarity about Oliver since the day we brought him home. He just seemed to slide right into our busy family when the children were much younger.”


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