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Talk with Animals

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Unlock the secrets of animal communication and talk with animals on a soul level 


Learning Animal Communication is something anyone can do! 

You are born with the ability!


If becoming an animal communicator is your dream, you're in the right place!

If you want to learn how to communicate with animals, you’ve found the right place to learn animal communication!

In my 13+ years as a professional animal communicator, I've helped hundreds of animal lovers to access their natural ability to communicate with animals.  

And I'd love to help you with animal communication, too. 

That's why I created a course for animal lovers who are ready to learn how to help the animals in their lives. 


My Digital Course.....

Learn Animal Communication - The Telepathic Way

This course is for animal lovers and pet professionals who desire to learn animal communication so they can know what their animals are feeling and thinking.

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. How to achieve accuracy with your messaging 
  2. Understand how to talk to animals and find out what they really want you to know!
  3. Find out the WHY behind your animal’s behavior problems
  4. Learn the six types of animal communication
  5. Deepen the connection between you and your beloved animals
  6. Trust what you hear, see and feel when you connect with your animals
  7. Connect with your animal who has crossed over 


    My course will help you by channeling the deep life wisdom animals offer (that is often misunderstood)! 

Yes! I'm in!

I am an animal communicator and I want to help you become one too!

This is the course you need to learn animal communication and become an expert in how animals communicate. 

This program will help:

  •  You start receiving and understanding psychic messages from your animal
  •  How to tell the difference between their messages and your own thoughts
  •  You'll learn how to connect with your animals who have crossed over 

When you enroll in Learn Animal Communication – The Telepathic Way, you take the first step toward certification in Animal Communication with the Linda Roberts Academy.  This course is the first required course for those who want to get certified as an Animal Communicator.  Once you complete this level you can enroll in the next level courses. 

Did you know?

Animals are innately psychic and they're always looking to communicate with their humans.  They communicate via energetic messages.



You will be guided on how to learn animal communication and how to send/receive psychic messages from the animals in your life.


The insights from your animals are priceless! 


You will receive support to start connecting more deeply with your animals


You will learn to psychically talk with your animals


Are you tired of guessing your animal's needs? 

If you're frustrated with not truly knowing what they want or how they feel about their food, siblings, and health, I can guide you!

Learning to communicate with animals means you will no longer be frustrated in trying to figure out their feelings and needs, but instead have the clarity to help them have a great life and give yourself peace of mind.

This series of classes will help you to hear what your animals are trying to tell you. You'll receive readings on your animals and assistance from myself and other participants during these classes.

What You Get:

    • Experience animal communication readings for your animal as we practice on one another’s animals (Believers only-6week)
    • My 10-step method to begin receiving messages from the animals
    • A fun, judgement-free community so you can have support exploring your own intuition
    • The Trust Method™ teaches you how to discern your voice from an animal’s voice (Usually the biggest challenge for most beginners)
    • Easy access to content via cellphone, tablet, or computer
    • Become a professional with this prerequisite course and continue on for certification
    • No previous psychic experience needed
    • My techniques have successfully been taught for over 13+ years
    • I’m a former elementary school teacher who knows how to teach to your own learning style
    • Weekly Live Zoom meetings with ALL participants and myself for your individualized trainings Tuesdays- 7 pm CDT 
    • All classes are recorded, so you can refer back to them at any time via the App or on your laptop

 Course Outline

Begins May 7th!!!

Wondering if this course is for you?

See what past participants have to say....


I can help you build confidence in receiving your animal's messages just as I helped the above students 

Yes! I'm in!


(2 Programs to choose from)


Seeker - 3 weeks



  • #1-3 Interactive Modules
  • Weekly Zoom calls
  • Option to register for Believer to continue learning

Payment Plan Available



Believer - 6 weeks



  • 6 Interactive Modules
  • Afterlife Connecting Program
  • Certification - Level I
  • Weekly Zoom Calls

Payment Plan Available


**Money-back Guarantee - after one week, less $50 processing fee



Hi! I'm Linda Roberts 

I'm a professional animal communicator, instructor, author, and speaker who helps animal lovers to access their natural, intuitive abilities. 

I got started with animal communication over a dozen years ago when my horse was sick.

Having worked in elementary education and corporate America, I didn’t think it was possible to talk with animals.  I was raised to believe in only what my eyes saw.

That changed when I heard my horse’s voice in my head when I was taking some quiet time for myself.

That experience changed my life!

I realized I’d been intuitively communicating with animals my entire life. 

As I look back, I remember that I was always the one that animals would gravitate towards, rather than other people…even wild animals would get close to me!

As a shy, quiet child, I now realize I was hiding my abilities from the world.

I’ve helped people change their lives through my teachings and one-on-one sessions. 

 As a former elementary school teacher, I know how to clearly communicate concepts in many different ways to guide you through the process of learning this life-long skill.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago and when I'm not riding my horse, I am hiking in nature or loving on my 2 rescue dogs, 2 rescue cats and even 2 rescue birds.  I'm also a divorced, empty nester who loves traveling to visit my adult children. 

I believe that we all have intuitive abilities.

I would love to help you during your journey to improve your life and that of your animals.  ❤️

Your animals will thank you!

Yes! I'm in!

Plus these BONUSES...


Bonus #1

One hour personalized 1:1 training with me

Improve your telepathic abilities 10x during this one on one training with me via phone or zoom.

Value $240

Bonus #2

Awaken Your Intuition Package

Do you know which Clair sense is your dominate one?  Find out how you receive your messages to help you become more aware.

Value $100

Bonus #3


This is a popular meditation with my students because it helps them to become more centered.  Being centered and present allows for the messages from the animals to flow with ease. 

Bonus #4

Energy Hygiene Course

Learn how to clear your energy AND keep it clear so you can be the BEST clear channel.