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You LOVE your animals and want the best life for them!

Here's your chance to learn how to communicate with them - telepathically. 

I've created this digital course just for you and your animals!


Learning Animal Communication can be HARD

Let me make it easy for you

Do you ever wonder?

  • what your animals are thinking and feeling?
  • if you are making the right decisions for your animals?
  • that you are communicating with your own animal friends but doubt your ability to do so?

But maybe you:

  • Still don't know how it's done after reading a book or two
  • Worry about your animal's next health crisis and how to handle it
  • Are so frustrated with their bad behavior that you have given up
  • Just want them to know you love them

Am I right?

I hear these concerns all the time and I used to live with these issues too.  

Animal communication is a great way to TRULY KNOW what your animals are feeling AND thinking.

You HAVE to know what you are doing though.

Otherwise, you become frustrated and can even confuse your animal. 

In my 12+ years as a professional animal communicator, I've helped hundreds of animal lovers to access their natural ability to communicate with animals.  

And I'd love to help you with animal communication, too. 

That's why I created a course for animal lovers who are ready to learn how to help the animals in their lives. 

Learn Animal Communication - The Telepathic Way

This course is for animal lovers and pet professionals who desire to learn animal communication so they can know what their animals are feeling and thinking.

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Connect and refine an energetic connection with animals that allows you to know what they are feeling/thinking
  2. Receive and interpret animal messages to better know when they are hurting or simply wanting love from you
  3. How to send messages to animals to help them to know you are thinking about them when you are away from home
  4. How to achieve accuracy with your messaging AND interpretation so you can be confident with the messages received


Yes! I'm in!

Are you tired of guessing your animal's needs?

If you're frustrated with not truly knowing what they want or how they feel about their food, siblings, and health, I can guide you!

Learning to communicate with animals means you will no longer be frustrated in trying to figure out their feelings and needs, but instead have the clarity to help them have a great life and give yourself peace of mind.

This series of classes will help you to hear what your animals are trying to tell you. You'll receive readings on your animals and assistance from myself and other participants during these classes.

What You Get:

  • Weekly Live Zoom meetings with ALL participants and myself - recorded for your benefit Tuesdays & Thursdays - 7 pm CDT 
  • All classes are recorded, so you can refer back to them at any time via the App or on your laptop
  • Classes are self-lead so you can go at your own pace and time (Slide show format)
  • Free Facebook group for a supportive community
  • PLUS Classes on Energy Healing for your animals (GOLD PARTICIPANTS ONLY)

This is the Level I Course for Certification. There are a total of 3 Levels for Complete Certification.  Level II and Level III Courses are available after completion of Level I.

6 Week Course Outline

Begins Sept. 28th!!!

Wondering if this course is for you?


Listen to what Helen says about the course...



"This course makes my day! 

I now understand and I see the confirming information from my animals. 

I have chills! Yes! This is wonderful!"

Sue Moore


I'd love to help you do the same. 

Getting accurate information helps you to build your confidence.

Yes! I'm in!






  • 6 Interactive Modules
  • 2 Weekly Zoom calls
  • Facebook Group

Payment Plan Available



Gold - Certification



  • 6 Interactive Modules
  • Animal Energy Healing Mentorship
  • Certification - Level I
  • 2 Weekly Zoom Calls
  • Facebook Group

Payment Plan Available


**Money-back Guarantee - after one week, less $50 processing fee



Hi! I'm Linda Roberts 

I'm a professional animal communicator, instructor, author, and speaker who helps animal lovers to access their natural, intuitive abilities. 

Former students have told me that they wished they would have known about animal communication, years or months before they did, to deal with a health issue or behavior problem that their animal was having. 

When I realized I could accelerate your learning into 6 weeks for what took me 10+ years to master, I knew I had to do it. 

Knowing how animal communication helps you with your animal's behaviors and health issues, I created this course for you and your animals.

As a former elementary school teacher, I know how to clearly communicate concepts in many different ways to guide you through the process of learning this life-long skill.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago and when I'm not riding my horse, I am hiking thru nature or loving on my 2 rescue dogs, 2 rescue cats and even 2 rescue birds.  I'm also a divorced, empty nester who loves traveling to visit my adult children. 

I believe that we all have intuitive abilities and can access them if we really want to.

I would love to help you during your journey to improve your life and that of your animals.  ❤️

Your animals will thank you!

Yes! I'm in!